Our Mission

DIPLOtics is an inclusive community dedicated to innovation and excellence in model political competitions. We desire to groom the leaders of tomorrow by providing a touch of political and diplomatic world to young students from School level to University level.


DIPLOtics supports students and scholars from all over the world and contributes knowledge and expertise locally, nationally and internationally. Such exposure would be directed toward developing and maintaining overall growth of Political as well as Diplomatic skills, which can facilitate Peaceful Resolution, whether

Why Politics or Diplomacy?

Ever Since the beginning of History, Humans have thrived and developed owing to our social skills and started becoming a community. From communities to Kingdoms and Kingdoms to Republics, one thing which remained common is Conflict. 

Conflict and struggle between Empires, Nations and even in lives of an ordinary person is ever present. Their are two ways to tackle a conflict:

a) With Violence or War

b) Peaceful Resolution.

Irrespective of how desirous, war is for primitive human mind, but Peaceful resolution through Politics and Diplomacy is becoming the new normal.