Afghan Crisis 2021

Author - Param Bhamra

The war in Afghanistan has brought many changes to Geo-Politics than one might find in the first instance. Previous to the crisis, the world was Polarised in favour of the United States of America, but ever since dramatic withdrawal of U.S., in Aug 2021, world has seen circumstances which were observed in the Cold war. Such as when Western Hemisphere were backing out of Afghanistan, Eastern Hemisphere showed their support in favour of De Facto regime of Afghanistan.

Withdrawal of United States and it's NATO allies was based on a deal with Taliban Regime for complete withdrawal of U.S. presence in Afghanistan. The deal was based on the vague hopes that the Afghan army can defend itself and that Democracy can prevail itself, despite Intelligence community constantly warning that it might not be the case. As it turns out, Afghan army and it's Democratic government fell like a House of Cards in front of Taliban regime.

The world saw United States' withdrawal and failing of Nation Building activities of the Western Countries, but it had far more serious repercussions than just failure of ensuring Democratic system. Even before when Kabul fell, many countries started giving recognition or had bi-lateral meetings with the Taliban regime, such as Pakistan and China. Further, on the eve of Seize of Kabul, almost all democratic and western nations evacuated their embassies, but not China, Pakistan, Russia etc. It is far from secret that Taliban in Afghanistan exists owing to support from Pakistan and Pakistan due to China.

The withdrawal of United State's presence from Central Asia, is a strategic win for China and Russia, who doesn't have a United State's army base near their borders anymore. U.S. base in Afghanistan served as a strategic leverage against China and Russia, that in case of a dispute or war, U.S. can mobilise it's army within hours if not days. One more ill-consequence of the withdrawal tarnished the image of United States' "Beacon of Hope for Democracy" and raises a question in the mind of it's allies who relies on the protection umbrella of the United States' such as Taiwan or Japan. Countries as such, are doubtful that considering United States' didn't take a stand against an extremist regime, then what hope do they have on relying United States' for fighting their war and protecting them.

Major concern now being that, can United States' be trusted as an ally and can it be a "Beacon of Hope" as it was back then. This mistrust could lead to more severe depolarisation, which can strengthen Eastern Bloc and once again produce circumstances of Cold-War.

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